Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twitter As A Runner Support Group?

When I first joined Twitter I have to admit, I really didn't understand what it was or how it worked.
What the heck does the # mark mean? What is #ff? Is this a wall? Who is following me? WHY?

A couple thousand tweets later and a couple hundred followers (chump change in twitter-land) I've found for me at least, an enormously supportive and at time boisterous running community that I would have not been aware of nor come in contact with since several of my 'tweeps' are across the pond (a.k.a the UK).  Triathletes, marathoners, coaches and the elite runners. Support during injuries, advice on training and cheers when a goal is reached.

 Where else can you find the instant uproar over a 'plodder' article or the instant backlash against Darren Rovell and know that you are not alone in your frustration at these articles?  In just 140 characters I have managed to find a thoughtful, funny, bizarre and wonderful community of crazy runners, triathletes and writers.

A picture can say a thousand words but on Twitter, it only takes 140 characters sometimes to reveal yours.

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  1. I joined Twitter earlier this year as a job-search/networking tool. In just a few tweets, I found it to be a powerful tool to find fellow runners! I've met so many runners and love the support we get in our Twitter runner community. I'm so happy to connect with you and am looking forward to reading more posts.