Friday, September 3, 2010

Ryan's Girls-Help Save A Life

The Courage To Change (re-posted from a good friend)
One of the most difficult aspects of Eating Disorder Recovery is asking for help.... She did, and I know that we can give it to her.
A true emergency.... a medically compromised and quickly deteriorating young woman needs our help to get the treatment she needs. The discrepancy between what her insurance will pay and her copay is unmanageable for her, and she needs HELP. We need to raise approximately $2000 ASAP in order for her to start treatment.... While this might seem like a lot.... the reality is that with several small donations we CAN do this. Please pass the message along to anyone and everyone you know. As the money needs to be raised quickly. Perhaps sacrifice a few visits to Starbucks or the movies and PLEASE give our friend a second chance at life in the same way mine did for me. Please be as generous as you can be.... but no amount is too small.
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