Friday, January 25, 2013

30 Days of Things That Scare Me-Day 3

So yesterday I apologized to someone. Not necessarily a big deal, but owning up to screwing up is not necessarily something that comes easily to me. It wasn't a big deal-A facebook discussion that somehow turned into something much bigger and subsequently nastier than it should have. A difference of opinions and perspectives is all it really was. I couldn't apologize in person or on the phone so I sent an email.


Could it be the person didn't accept my apology? Possibly. Could they still be angry? Also totally possible. Also could it be they actually have other things going on other than MY facebook comments to worry about? Also totally (and most likely) possible. A little humbling (and well, DUH) to think about the fact that what bothers you/upsets you just might not be that important to someone else as well as the other extreme-what you do/say can MATTER. Even on Facebook. Or maybe I just need to chill out.

Today's goal: Confronting my unflattering personality trait of being selfish.

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