Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day #10

Day #10 isn't a huge deal...ok, I need to stop saying that. I have a TERRIBLE sense of direction. I mean, bad bad bad. I could probably get lost in my hometown and in my neighborhood now. Doing my long run in Telluride frightened me for a few reasons:

1) location. I had no idea where I was going and the maps we had were AWFUL. This stresses me out to no end.

2) Altitude. I had never run at this altitude-would my head implode? No really. I wasn't sure if I would last for 10 minutes.

3) Running with someone that I know, but never ran with. How would this work? Would she leave me in the dust? She is used to altitude and I was not. And she's an ultra runner. Intimidating.

Turns out, it's VERY hard to get lost in Telluride given its size. It's a teeny town. And yeah, we meandered but it was ok (and got yelled at by cross country skiers)! I didn't get 20 miles in, but I got 14, which my husband/coach says is ok because of the altitude. I was out there for a long time, being cautious withe the altitude.

Lesson learned. Going out of the comfort zone can result in some gorgeous views (even when you slip on ice and fall on your butt):

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