Friday, February 1, 2013

Day #8

Emailed Toastmasters yesterday! I will be attending my first meeting with a group on February 14th. Very very VERY nervous. This is like a book report. Except I'm an adult (sort of). Very proud of myself for at least reaching out to set this up.

A couple of my goals have had small setbacks-although I didn't find a cooking class I DID make my first omelet by accident yesterday! I know. Somehow I meant to make scrambled but somehow I left the stove for a moment and it turned into a an omelet-it's a win or something, right?

(not mine, but you get the idea). Gourmet chef RIGHT HERE.

Today I think my goal is to revisit another volunteering opportunity and then something else-gotta keep up the streak!! Perhaps the rock climbing at Chelsea Piers (oh, GOD).

This makes me wanna die even MORE than public speaking. I may need a friend on this one.

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