Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day #23 Sometimes Being Stubborn IS a Good Thing

2nd time rock climbing-success! I wasn't on a giant wall, but I got all the way to the top!

(See miniscule wall at the farrr back)
It took several tries, but I got there and went up twice! I was all gung-ho allllll week, like yeah, I'm going to do this! Then when I got there, I thought ohhhhh no I'm not! I wonder if running to Chelsea Piers put me in  a good place since running is where I'm more confident already. I definitely got a rush from achieving a goal (beating fear of heights). I wish I had more money, because I would definitely go back every week! I actually wanted to call my mother and be like SO THERE. Clearly maturity issues 1) I wanted to call my mother about this 2) I wanted to say that to her. Yup, very mature.

A great day in that I got my recovery run in after a long run yesterday (yay!) and met a previous goal today.

In reaching these goals I've spent a bit of money (not crazy, but a bit). Now I'm wondering-why is it so hard for me NOT to spend money every day? Granted, the last time I bought something was about 4 months ago...hmmm. Budgeting is HARD. How can I reach my goals while not just turning this 30 days into some sort of bucket list??

I'm going to try again to donate blood tomorrow and also to find another Toastmasters group to join-trying to fit this all in is hard-but too easy to make excuses to keep my "safe" routine.

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