Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day #22-Social gatherings...

I went to a wedding today where I swear, I knew almost EVERYONE. In a good way, this is a social circle in which I should be super duper comfortable. However, I noticed how little I have been interacting lately-hiding way is SO much easier (see below).

I just felt stiff and awkward and not at all like I fit in. Which is weird. Because I do (I think). Also, I haven't danced in a long time and feel like a bit of a jackass (I remember when I used to swing dance allll the time!) Good to be aware of it and things to think about. Also something to work towards (especially over the next few days: being aware-no burying feelings. THAT is scary.

Can you overlap goals on 30 days? Is that allowed? lol! I feel like I've fallen off my own bandwagon and not sure if that's possible.

My husband and I DID go out in our wedding clothes to see a VERY bad movie. The scale of suck is not big enough for how bad A Good Day To Die Hard was. Oof.

But we looked snazzy.

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