Monday, February 11, 2013

Day #18 Try, Try Again

I wasn't totally successful at my attempt at rock climbing yesterday and I still haven't done my volunteering yet, but I realized that I have an opportunity that was SO obviously close to home!  I have friends at the American Cancer Society that I can reach out to (and did this a.m.) to volunteer at Hope Lodge. Being near people that I don't know and who could need my help scares me! It makes me feel oddly vulnerable and in a position of responsibility.

 I also reached out to HR at my office to see if we can get a program of people to be CPR/AED certified (just makes sense, to me). After being on a plane where someone had a real medical emergency and I felt totally helpless because I couldn't offer ANY assistance-I'm hoping getting re-certified could change that.

Goals today including NOT giving up. 

I'm very tired today (actually was yesterday too). Have to remember to keep that in check.

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