Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day #12-Not doing it all will not result in the world exploding

I was so psyched about going snowboarding (and the hubs was proud I did it too) that I really wanted to go again the next day. To be honest? I was tiiiiired. I wanted to run in the morning (hill repeats-which I did) and then snowboard but I realized it was too much to expect of my body on that day. I had a little bit of mini-failure fear, but I had to sit back and enjoy spending time with friends. By the way? They were ALSO TIRED. And have been snowboarding/skiing for years. Bonus? I had the best reaction/non-reaction to altitude and they were actually surprised it bothered me as little as it did.

Lesson learned? Sometimes it's ok to just CHILL. (Still working on that one).

View from the hills:

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