Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day #17 Leg, leg, arm, arm.

Rock climbing class! Private lesson (cha-ching) but needed the one-on-one attention (hand-holding?) Met my instructor at Chelsea Piers, who was super nice and sensed my nerves and my own internal story about how 7 year olds were passing me (no fear, these kids!). I didn't get belay certified, but close. I also didn't climb all the way to the top, but I got almost half-way there. Nerves got the best of me, unfortunately.
But at least I started! This is a battle in my 30 days that I'm constantly trying to fight: Lack of success (or complete success, in my mind) is NOT failure. Thanks to someone else, I had the courage to at least start. Interestingly, I found myself "freezing" on the wall, just like I do with downhill cycling and very unlike my experience with snowboarding. Oddly enough, I think snowboarding has the highest chance of injury and belaying, the least. Weird. I signed up for a class next week, but damn, this stuff isn't cheap. I at least want to improve, even if I don't get all the way to the top.

(proof I actually climbed-that's my giant foot).

On a good note, yesterday I reached out to a high school friend that I haven't really spoken to since her wedding last year to ask advice about this subject. Social anxiety bites the big one, I think.

Next goal: Learning how to play chess. The husband tells me he'll help me learn, but I'm thinking learning anything from the husband is probably not a good thing....

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