Friday, February 22, 2013

Day #25-I've been slacking a little

Time to get back to it! These past few days I've been trying (very hard) to let go of worry. Worry is something we think we need. We're comforted by it. It's a habit that's hard to let go of (even though it's not good for us).  Like many, I've taken worry to be a best friend, a confidant. A way to convince myself I'm being proactive, analyzing every eventuality and convincing myself that was helping.

It doesn't. Only concrete ACTIONS actually do. Surprisingly, this is a very very hard trait to let go of and not having that fear can actually leave you feeling a little naked. And not the fun kind either. More like the I'm-in-front-of-the-class-giving-a-speech-naked. Oddly enough, this nakedness leaves me without any excuses not to move forward, in every sense.

I have a race this weekend- a half marathon which is not a huge deal, in and of itself for me-it's not the main goal, but the 50 mph winds are (haha) taking the winds out of my running sails at the moment. If I am able to compete, it will have to be a test of mental toughness. If the race is cancelled, then it will be a long run. A test of  a "go-with-the-flowness" and lack of control.

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